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About Consolidated Tours Organization:


Consolidated Tours Organization, Inc. is proud to have served the traveling public since 1975. We are professionals and our experience, expertise, national and international reputation speaks for itself and is well known in the industry world-wide. We are however, by no means content to rest on previous accomplishments. Consolidated Tours Organization, Inc. is a dynamic agency continually pursuing efficiency and excellence.

The expertise required to handle all our programs including intimate knowledge of all the destinations we operate, the capability of swift, efficient execution and dedication are the prime resources at Consolidated Tours. The destinations are not new to us. We have handled customized tours to these destinations for thousands of satisfied passengers.

We select only superior first class hotels or better that meet our stringent standards from the quality of service to the most convenient locations and the most outstanding value. Our representatives, whose personalized service is outstanding, use only the latest, safest and most comfortable coaches, heated or air conditioned as seasonally necessary.

No company, however large, can offer better service or greater professionalism coupled with an international reputation for quality travel arrangements and integrity of performance.

Maximum protection is available in terms of financial and operational stability. This includes; Escrow accounts, Contractual insurance underwritten by State Farm up to Five Million dollars, and employee bonding in the amount of $100,000.00 each.

Testimony to the success of these efforts are numerous awards which the company has received in recognition of the Religious, Heritage, Cultural and Special Event services rendered to the community.